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The Claim Whisperer

At The Claim Whisperer I specialise in helping ordinary Aussies with claims for their:

Home Building

Home Contents

Portable Property

Contents away from home

Small business


Excluding Livestock & Bloodstock

Motor Vehicle

The Claim Whisperer


Hi, I'm David and I'm The Claim Whisperer.

I have worked in insurance claims for over 23 years, half of that as a senior claims manager at a major insurer. I know the ins-and-outs of domestic, motor vehicle, small business and farm claims as well as anyone in the country having been involved in literally tens of thousands of them over the years.

I'm here to help you get the resolution you deserve on your claim.

I have helped many people throughout my time in the industry, but what was clear throughout that time is that most consumers (including a lot of my own friends and family who I’ve helped) don’t understand the claims process or what they are entitled to under their policy. While your current problem is obviously unique to you and is very probably causing you stress, there’s almost nothing I haven’t seen before.

You can think of me as your personal claims manager, and you can rest assured that you will get me personally working on your claim.



A few months ago, my little Border Collie, Sammy was hit by a car out the front of my house early in the morning. We rushed her to the vet unsure what was going to happen, they took her in and sat us in a consult room for 2 hours while they stabilised her in a desperate attempt to save her life. It was during this nervous wait that I called my pet insurer to find out whether she was insured for such an event. When we found out she was over the phone, we took a leap of faith and decided to go ahead with the lifesaving surgery.

Sammy miraculously survived not only the hit but also the surgery and had almost made a full recovery. The time came to officially lodge the claim - we gathered the paperwork and submitted to the insurer, a few weeks later we heard back that Sammy was in fact not insured, and that her monthly premiums were not being paid. We were preparing to face a $15,000 vet bill completely out of pocket. That's when we got in touch with David Kneipp.

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Jordan & Sammy

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How it Works

Once you fill in the enquiry information below and send it through, I will call you within 48 hours (but probably much quicker than that) and we will have an initial discussion of up to 30 minutes. This is a free initial consultation.

If we agree that I can assist you, we will agree the costs and I'll send you a terms agreement. Once that's done and the initial payment received, I can take on your claim in earnest.

I can't give a guarantee that your dispute will be resolved in your favour, but I can assure you that I will be your honest and determined advocate and do everything I can to get a result in your favour. You will have a great advantage in having a highly experienced professional in your corner. Above all I will be honest with you - no false promises. If in the end I can't get any result for you I will refund 50% of the initial fee.

At the initial consultation I will also be straight up with you if I think your claim is not able to be resolved. 

Some things I can't help with

My experience is with property and motor vehicle claims. I can't assist with personal injury claims such as CTP, Workers Comp or Public Liability, or Builders Warranty as this is not my area of expertise.

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